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Drop Off Catering

Ideal For:

Low key get togethers with family and friends or office parties in need of a little flair, minus the hassle of full-service catering. Our a la carte offerings are sure to please everyone’s palette. Select from our two enticing menus, Feast or Snackette, offering full feast vibes or light bites.  From mouthwatering jerk chicken to irresistible doubles, elevate your event with classic Caribbean dishes conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

what's included?

All dishes are served in aluminum disposable containers or eco friendly packaging with labels. Dishes are delivered hot and ready to eat. Free Delivery to BK, Manhattan, LIC, North Jersey*

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$50 per person.
12 person minimum.


$45 per person.
12 person minimum.

Choose 2 mains + 2 sides


Jerk Chicken

rotisserie style chicken thighs marinated 48 hours, smoked and roasted

Geera Garlic Wings

oven baked organic wings tossed in toasted cumin, crispy garlic, and herbs

Curry Chicken and aloo

boneless chicken thighs

roasted salmon

garlic white wine or coconut rundown

Escovitch Fish*

filet white fish with escovitch vegetables

Curry Channa(V)

slow simmered chickpeas in a curry coconut broth


mix of red lentil and yellow split peas simmered in spices and curry.

Whole Roast Snapper*

green seasoned + stuffed with vegetables

(one snapper is 3-4 servings)

crowd favorite!

crowd favorite!

sides (V)

Rice and Peas

Coconut steamed Rice

Vegetable Fry Rice

vegetable Lo Mein 

5 cheese Macaroni Pie 

Market Salad

Black Eyed Pea Salad

market sauteed greens



just like grandma!

Choose 4 bites

Likkle Patties

 flaky puff pastry patties stuffed with choice of beef, jerk lentil, or creole chicken


fluffy bara (flatbread) with curry chickpeas, tamarind sauce, and cucumber chutney


split pea fritters with tamarind sauce

Cucumber Souse crostini (V)

marinated cucumber salad with red onions, cilantro, garlic, and lime. served with whipped feta and naan.

Grilled Shrimp Souse

grilled shrimp with marinated cucumbers, red onions, cilantro, garlic, and lime. served with plantain chips.

Geera Garlic Wings

oven baked organic wings tossed in toasted cumin, crispy garlic, and herbs

Jerk Sliders

served on mini brioche with scotch bonnet aioli and pikliz

beef, veggie, or lamb


Caribbean Grazing BoarD (V)

seasonal vegetable dips, plantain chips, fresh cut veggies

crowd favorite!

crowd favorite!

crowd favorite!

crowd favorite!

*Pricing is inclusive of food + delivery within nyc, BK, North Jersey, and LIC only.

It does not include 10% service charge or NYS sales tax

** some items are subject to market pricing

add ons:

Set Up - $125

Sterno + Serveware Kit - $7 per dish

Bamboo Cutlery + Plateware - $3 per person

add a snackette dish - $10 per person

add a main dish - $10 per person

Add a side dish - $5 per person

*for Delivery outside of NYC, BK, North JErsey - please Inquire

ready to order? have any questions?

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