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corporate catering

Need catering for your office party or gala? Look no further! From production to presentation, we have you covered. Whether you require lunch or breakfast, buffet or cocktail-style receptions for larger events, our catering services are tailored to meet your needs. We also offer virtual and in person cooking classes for your team. Let us handle the culinary details while you focus on hosting a successful event.

Beige and White Modern Aesthetic Teenagers at House Party Scrapbook (Menu (11 x 17 in)).pn

*certain dishes may incur market pricing. Pricing is for food and standard staffing only. It does not include NY sales tax, 15% service charge, rentals, or additional waitstaff.


$40 per person. Choose 5 items.

minimum order 25 people

*menu  + pricing for delivery, for full service breakfast or lunch catering, please inquire

delivered ready to eat with disposable plates + cutlery

assorted breakfast pastries

muffins, croissants, breads, jam and butter

spinach, mushroom + cheese fritatta

egg sammies

egg, cheese, and sausage on warm brioche

yogurt, fresh berries, granola

Plantain potato hash

Turkey sausage

assorted fresh fruit

Banana bread

chicken + waffles

fried chicken breast and belgian waffles

waffles + berries

belgian waffles with maple syrup, maple whipped cream, berries

Ackee + Saltfish Quiche

play on Jamaica's national dish, Ackee + Saltfish

Avocado toast kit

sourdough, mashed, avo, pickled red onion, jammy eggs


curry chickpeas, fluffy bara (flatbread), cucumber chutney, tamarind sauce

Yaadie Breakfast

ackee and saltfish, fry dumpling, plantain, green banana

for meal delivery options and orders that do not meet the minimum guest count, check out our drop off catering menu here!

additional services

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your event while we ensure every detail is taken care of, from glassware and tables to an expertly stocked bar. Leave the logistics to us and focus on making memories with your guests

Beer Delivery

bar packages

Our Craft Beer + Wine and Livity (non alcoholic) bar packages, ensure your event is fully catered. Let us take care of the beverages while you concentrate on crafting unforgettable memories. Cheers to a fantastic event!

ready to book? have any questions?

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